I see making sculpture as my meditation process. Following my instinct, I trust it, being honest with it,  and pour all the emotions through the language between body and materials. A touch, a punch, and a scratch...

It's the shape of the inner voice, about human relationships and self-exploration.

The Fury #01

The Fury #02

Toasting to Marriage  [交杯酒

The Drowning Piggies


The Hill Has An Eye I

- 3D Painting & Performance -

The Hill Has An Eye II

- Installation & Performance -

The Hill Has An Eye III

- Lighting Installation & Performance -

Who Begs For Her Art

Missing Address: Undelivered

Lighting Installation - Prejudice

Lighting Box - Thousands of Reflected Selves

Installation - Insides-Outsides

Painting - A Missing Painting

Artist Book - JAPAN Framing

Prints - Ariel's Storm