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Lunar Moth Shadow

Date of Creation: 2023 June

Dimensions: Approx  60” x 48” x 30”

Glazed ceramics, resin, acrylic, lights & electric motors

This immersive installation comprises two sculptures, a sound object mimicing slow breathing, and a ‘Moon’s Deep Breath’ projection mapping video created by the artist by reproducing the actual moon footages captured through a telescope. In the ‘Lunar Moth Shadow’ sculpture, a rotating light apparatus casts a serene blue light from the sculpture onto the gallery walls. Simultaneously, the ‘Moon’s Deep Breath’ projection mapping overlays onto the sculpture, creating a hallucinatory and meditative nocturnal space.

Exhibited at the group exhibition - Stratigraphy: Celebrating Layering in the Arts, Arts, Letters, Numbers, NY, ​
2023 May - June

Luna Moth Shadow Leah Ying Lin.jpg
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