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Leah Ying Lin (林瑛) is a visual artist and art director based in New York. In 2019, she graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in Architecture, meanwhile she also studied abroad in Rome for lighting design and in Kyoto for ceramics sculpture. Leah's works have been exhibited in Rome, Kyoto, Providence, New York and Los Angeles. Her work as an art director for independent short films have been nominated/awarded by various prestigious film festivals and screened in many countries. Because of her multidisciplinary practice, Leah Ying Lin has also a presence within the high-fashion circle, representing in global campaigns such as Balenciaga, and featured in Vogue, V Magazine, etc. Her artistic themes revolve around the suffering of individuals, and the absolute surveillance of society. Her work criticizes the idea of "ideal" society, forces us to look at people's ironic desire for ultimate happiness, and echoes the tension in the current political and post-pandemic environment. In her 2020 New York Solo Exhibition - Happy Living, Happy Life,  Leah created a series of works that include sculptures, installations, short films and performance to create a surrealistic spectacle. In 2022, Leah Ying Lin began to focus on the new series of futuristic kinetic sculptures. Her new works image the late stage of the world, and explore human bodies and machinery, flesh and consciousness, rebirth and reconstruction.


2016 - 2019 Rhode Island School of Design - Master of Architecture, awarded with RISD Scholarship

2018 Winter RISD Study Abroad in Japan - Archi & Ceramics, awarded with RISD Architecture Travel Award


2017 Winter RISD Study Abroad in Rome - Architectural Lighting Design, awarded with RISD Architecture Travel Award


2019/07/01 - 2019/08/04 Artist Residency at Arts, Letters & Numbers, with Scholarship


2020/10/15  - 2020/10/23  Solo Exhibition: Happy Living, Happy Life, Latitude Gallery, Brooklyn, New York


2022/12/17 - 2023/01/10  Group Exhibition - Meta-Morphosis, Yiwei Gallery, Los Angeles.

2019/05/25   RISD Thesis Show, Architecture Design: The Absolute Surveillance City, Woods Gerry Gallery, US

2019/05/23 - 2019/06/01 RISD Grad Show, Architecture Design:  Between Contain & Container, Convention Center, US


2019/05/13   Swap Meet Pop-Up Exhibition, Sculptures:  Drowning PiggiesThe Buoy Piggies, RISD Metcalf, US

2018/04/07 - 2018/04/15 Transformations in Japan, Artist Book: Framing, RISD BEB Gallery, US

2017/02/04 - 2017/02/15  Installations:  Missing Address/  Prejudice, ROMA MAAM Museum, Italy


2019 - 2020  Rockwell Group NY - Designer & Project Manager  Confidential Projects including Runway, Club & stage design


2020 - 2022  ICRAVE NY - Designer - Projects including Sphere Las Vegas, W Hotel Dallas, Real Madrid Stadium x Moment Factory and more

2017 - 2018  Gensler LA & Gensler NY - Design Intern


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