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Contain & Container

Time: 2018. 09. 08 - 2018. 12. 14
Professor: Emanuel Admassu
Teammate: Guoning Li

This studio examines the notion of architecture as the difference between ‘content’ and ‘container’. ‘Content’ is defined by a selection of architectural concepts that will be carefully sampled, edited and combined, while ‘container’ will be defined by the analysis of a specific site of contestation in Brooklyn, New York.

From the site analysis, which mapping out different types of residential up zoning and accessible public or privately owned public space, we arrive at a conclusion: Residential up zoning will decrease public accessibility, as a transition space to slow down negative aspects in the gentrification process in Crown heights, and to make up the need of free public space for local people especially in child and teenagers in art & culture education and community cohesion, also according to research on different types of community public programs in Crown heights, this design proposes an public architecture, which includes: 

20181208 Perspective x2.jpg

Hand-made Diagram Model & Site Model

Acrylic, Wires & Wood