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∞ Rebirth

Date of Creation: 2022 Nov - Dec
Dimensions:11‘’ x 13’’ x 9’’
Mediums: Ceramics, Resin,  Acrylic paint

This sculpture explores the perception of virtual and physical space, and examines the relationship between nature and artificiality. The ember of future artifact wandered around an in-between stage of life and death, and finally reborn under the dark moonlight.

Exhibited at  Group Exhibition - Meta-Morphosis, 2022/12/17 - 2023/01/10
Yiwei Gallery, Venice Beach, Los Angeles. 

Available for collecting, please contact for more information.

∞Rebirth_Leah Ying Lin.jpg

Moon Clips via Telescope by Leah

Leah Ying Lin Sculpture Group Show

Exhibition: Meta-Morphosis
Curated by Yue Wu
Artists: Aria Xiying Bao, Clovis Schlumberger, Leah Ying Lin, Lilith Chenjia Ren and Sunny Moxin Chen
Dec.17, 2022 -Jan.8, 2023
Reception: Saturday, Dec.17, 2022, 3-6 PM
Venue: Yiwei Gallery, 1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

The pop-up exhibition “Meta-Morphosis” orchestrates a constellation of sculptures, paintings, and installations that reflects a unique union of contemporary technology and modern intrigue. Vanguards in new media forms, these five artists present their futurist visions through tangible, collectible art objects, utilizing techniques and materials from 3D printing to porcelain, from resin to reflective pigments.
The digital age has inaugurated new aesthetics about transformation. The title “Meta-Morphosis” refers to the process of transformation, a change of physical form, structure, or substance. A caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to turn into a butterfly; a digitally conceived idea undergoes meta-morphosis to embody a tangible entity. Artists in the exhibition have channeled their imagination into physical objects while contemplating the constant changes of living things.

Leah Ying Lin Sculpture Group Show Poster

Exhibition: Meta-Morphosis Poster

Leah Ying Lin Sculpture Group Show Poster

Exhibition: Meta-Morphosis Poster

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